12V Leisure Battery

12v 115ah Expedition Plus Agm Campervan Battery (exp12-115) 4 Year Warranty

12v 115ah Expedition Plus Agm Campervan Battery (exp12-115) 4 Year Warranty
12v 115ah Expedition Plus Agm Campervan Battery (exp12-115) 4 Year Warranty

12v 115ah Expedition Plus Agm Campervan Battery (exp12-115) 4 Year Warranty    12v 115ah Expedition Plus Agm Campervan Battery (exp12-115) 4 Year Warranty
Trained advisors waiting to take your call. Car Batteries by Make & Model. Car Batteries by Part number. A family run business with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. 12V 115AH EXPEDITION PLUS AGM LEISURE BATTERY (EXP12-115).

12V Xplorer 110AH AGM Caravan Leisure Battery UItra Deep Cycle. 12V 115Ah fit-and-forget AGM lead-acid battery for leisure, marine & many other deep cycle applications - from Expedition's exclusive battery range. Absorbed Glass Mat technology (great durability and vibration-resistance). Totally sealed for life - dry-cell, unspillable and safe.

Minimal self-discharge - ideal for seasonal use. Specifically designed for cyclic use over sustained periods of time (deep-cycle). Power demand level of intended application: Medium (casual to regular usage).

99.99% pure primary lead (PPL) for faster charging, better performance & a cleaner environment. M8 Screw down bolt fixings supplied.

If you require round posts (car type) these can be supplied. Please see our accessories section. Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) batteries are dry-cell, with the battery acid being encapsulated in fibreglass sheets.

In comparison to flooded batteries, AGMs offer increased levels of reliability and versatility - with no free acid, they can be mounted in any orientation and are better able to handle vibration. Replaces Part numbers : Sonnenschein GF12072Y, GF1272Y, GF12076V. Please ensure your charging method can accommodate AGM batteries as charging at non-AGM charge settings can adversely affect the life of the battery.

Bolt Through Terminals (Type 2). Positive on Left (Layout 1). It is the customers responsibility to check the dimensions, terminal layout and type before ordering.

Please carefully check your existing battery or tray to ensure compatibility. All batteries arrive fully charged and ready to fit and are packed securely. Delays can occur from time to time with factors beyond our control. Our dedicated tracking team will try to resolve any issues that may arise.

Some Scottish Highlands and Northern Ireland postcodes will incur a deliver surcharge (see below). As eBays longest online running battery company we pride ourselves on customer service and dedication in getting the battery to you as soon as possible. Leaving a telephone number makes it much easier to sort any deliver problem out.

The Following Postcodes carry a surcharge BT, KA, KY, AB, IV, PH, PA, HS. We do not deliver to Isle of Mann or Ireland. We can however deliver pallets.

Please note all batteries tested locally must be fully charged. Alpha batteries are not responsible for the return of goods. Damage due to improper installation; loose terminal connections, under-sized cabling, incorrect connections (series or parallel where not specifically supported), short circuits or reverse polarity connections.

The suggested capacity and cycle life is based on laboratory test conditions. The amount of usable energy and cycles over the course of time will vary due to applicational factors, usage pattern, discharge time, charging, maintenance & climatic conditions.

Upon inspection, an industry recognised MK International capacity tester will be used and the results emailed to you. We can only accept the deemed cyclic usage the battery has placed under via detailed battery monitor and shunt data which records your cyclic demand. Environmental damage; inappropriate storage conditions; exposure to extreme hot or cold temperatures, fire or freezing, or water damage. Discharging or an open circuit voltage reading below 10.5v (fully discharged). Damage caused by incorrect charging including the use of unsupported lead acid only chargers and split chargers that are not optimised for AGM charging or charged at a voltage or current that exceeds or falls below the recommended parameters as described.

Mains charging of the product is required periodically using a suitable and compatible charger (matching charge profile) with at least 10% of charge current to battery capacity. For example, 10 amps of charge current for a 100ah Battery. Damage due to improper maintenance; under- or over-charging the Product, dirty terminal connections, impact damage or collision. Batteries below 10.5v is an indication of over discharge and abuse. Batteries can not self discharge below 10.5v and can only be caused by over discharge via an electrical drain when idle or insufficient charging. Modern smart chargers will not recover batteries below 10.5v as they require a minimum voltage in the battery to operate. This is not a fault with the battery. C20 capacity values to be used only. Details of C discharge values can be found on the product specifications. Thermal Runaway caused by overcharging or poor connection which will manifest itself by swollen cells and lids. Faults and manufacturing defects can occur with any electrical device and we aim to make the process as simple and pain free as possible.

Alpha Batteries guarantees to give a free repair or replacement with defects proven to be due to manufacturing process (instead of customer abuse and misuse, loss of capacity and running time or general wear and tear). We can talk you through a few simple tests that will help identify any issues. If we cannot resolve the problem remotely then we will arrange to collect the battery from you. Or you can arrange the return yourself and return to our warehouse for testing. We can not be held responsible for downtime or costs incurred due to being without the product.

Batteries must be suitably packed and secure for transport. If we cannot reproduce the problem, there is a loss of capacity but the battery holds charge or if the defect or failure is found to have been caused by customer abuse or misuse then we will return the battery to you, or if you prefer, we can recycle the battery. Depending on the state of the battery, we may be able to offer a credit towards an upgrade. 12v 629 Heavy Duty Tractor Battery.

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12v 115ah Expedition Plus Agm Campervan Battery (exp12-115) 4 Year Warranty    12v 115ah Expedition Plus Agm Campervan Battery (exp12-115) 4 Year Warranty