12V Leisure Battery

12v 110ah Agm-110l (efb) Leisure Battery Heavy Duty Low Height (100ah Amp)110 Ah

12v 110ah Agm-110l (efb) Leisure Battery Heavy Duty Low Height (100ah Amp)110 Ah
12v 110ah Agm-110l (efb) Leisure Battery Heavy Duty Low Height (100ah Amp)110 Ah

12v 110ah Agm-110l (efb) Leisure Battery Heavy Duty Low Height (100ah Amp)110 Ah   12v 110ah Agm-110l (efb) Leisure Battery Heavy Duty Low Height (100ah Amp)110 Ah
SuperBatt SILVER 9000 [Super Excellence]. Batteries are built to the very highest of specifications to cope with todays Leisure & Marine electrical demands. MotorHomes, Caravans & Boats are getting more complex with sophisticated Luxury that they requires premium performance Batteries to meet their high electrical demands. Brand promises the best performance and Long Life, no matter how harsh the conditions.

SuperBatt Leisure & Marine battery range is designed with Advance Calcium Technology which makes them Maintenance Free and give Longer Life compare to conventional Leisure & Marine batteries. SuperBatt Leisure & Marine battery range is designed for both MotorHomes (Caravans) & Boats. These batteries are Dual Purpose Batteries as they are. Perfect for all types of leisure and marine Starting & Auxiliary use. SuperBatt AGM110L VRLA AGM Premium Leisure Battery.

Valve Regulated Lead Acid Absorbed Glass Mat (VRLA AGM) Ultra Deep Cycle battery 5 times more cycles than a standard Leisure Battery. Fully Sealed, Spill-proof & Safe to use battery. Heavy Duty Thick Grid (battery plate) with Absorbed Glass Mat Separators which holds electrolyte like a sponge to prevent acid spillage and providing up to 3 times more cycles than a standard Leisure Battery. Fully Sealed Construction: Unique sealed construction ensures NO electrolyte leakage from terminals or case. Can be fitted in any position or orientation. Gas Regeneration: Faster Recharge Capabilities due to VRLA AGM technology.

Low self-discharge rate giving extended shelf life. Designed for all climates (This battery can withstand severe temperatures). Genuine & Top-Quality best Battery in its Range.

(Height is including Terminals / Posts). Leisure Battery Care & Maintenance. Leisure batteries are manufactured to the very highest of standards, but to get the very best performance, and longevity out of your batteries it is well worth following a simple care and maintenance program. Always recharge your battery as soon as you can after use after discharge and keep it as fully charged as possible during long periods of in-activity. Please must use Continual Automatic chargers with these batteries such as.

NUMAX 12V 10A DC Fully Automatic Intelligent Connect & Forget Leisure Battery charger. Can be left attached to the battery for long periods and will look after your battery at correct state of charge until you need it next. Avoid completely discharging your battery (Below 10.5V) as this will reduce its cyclic lifespan.

When the battery is out of the caravan/motor-homes etc. Always store it in a cool, dry and well ventilated place. From time to time make sure the terminals are free from dust and dirt, and all connections are sound. Please must not use Trickle charge with these batteries. An equalizing charge for a 12volt battery required that it be charged with a voltage of at least 14.4 volts for a period of at least one hour once a month, or every 10 discharge cycles. An equalizing charge prevents battery stratification and reduces sulfation, the leading cause of battery failure. Reduced performance can also be an indicator that an equalizing charge is needed. All batteries, regardless of their chemistry, will self-discharge. The rate of self-discharge for lead acid batteries depends on the storage or operating temperature. At a temperature of 80 degrees F.

A lead acid battery will self-discharge at a rate of approximately 4% a week. Keeping this in mind if a 125 AH battery is stored for four months (16 weeks) winter without being charged, it will lose 80 amps of its 125-amp capacity.

It will also have severe sulfation, which causes additional loss of capacity. Keep your batteries charged while not in use. Please note the advice given from Starter Batteries customer services regarding suitable products should be treated as a guide only. If goods prove to be damaged, do not sign. All Batteries warranted against premature failure due to manufacturing or material defects only. Warning:-Remove bungs (plugs) immediately after receiving the battery or batteries (All types of flooded lead acid batteries) even in storage condition.

Bungs (Plugs) are only for transportation use. If these instructions are not followed(removing bungs immediately) battery may get bulged or explode.

INHALATION - Remove from exposure, rest and keep warm. EYE CONTACT - Wash out with plenty of water for at least 15 minutes. SKIN CONTACT - Remove contaminated clothing immediately and wash affected skin with plenty of water.

INGESTION - If the electrolyte has been confined to the mouth give large quantities of water as mouth wash ensuring that it is NOT swallowed. If electrolyte has been swallowed, give water to drink immediately. BURNS - Apply sterile bandage.

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  • Length: 354mm
  • Type: VRLA AGM Battery
  • Featured Refinements: 12V Leisure Battery
  • Manufacturer Part Number: AGM110L
  • Brand: SuperBatt

12v 110ah Agm-110l (efb) Leisure Battery Heavy Duty Low Height (100ah Amp)110 Ah   12v 110ah Agm-110l (efb) Leisure Battery Heavy Duty Low Height (100ah Amp)110 Ah